Fear is the anticipation of Evil.

Hope is the anticipation of Good.

Hope Devotional

Words of Hope daily devotional written by folks from Living Hope. Take a few quiet moments each day to read through the devotional thought and listen to what God has to say to you. The printed booklet is available in the sanctuary. Click the button below for the digital version.

Hope Groups

A Hope Group is where things will really start to click. We believe that groups are a valuable tool for people to grow deeper- and you can help others experience hope! Now is the time to join a new group or step up to be a host. You can browse through available groups using the button below.

Message Teaching

We always want you to join us for worship, either in-person or online, but if you miss any weeks, you can catch up on the weekly teaching here.

Hope Group Videos

If you can’t be part of a Hope Group, or you just want to rewatch the teaching, you can find the content here. Grab a friend and a snack and enjoy!

Celebrate with us at

Songs of Hope: A Night of Worship

Friday, May 21 @7:00pm

The Bottom Line

We’re not raising money,

we’re raising hope.

For real. It’s all about hope. You don’t need to be convinced that the world needs hope. But how exactly do we hold on to hope when the future is unknown and maybe even scary? That’s what the Hope Campaign is all about.