About the 2020 National Gathering
In ECO, one of our core values is Our Mutual Spurring, meaning that the strength of our covenant community is how we challenge one another to constantly transform. In the midst of that transformation is where we make the very biggest impact for Christ. Our prayer is that we would always remember that we are not alone on our ministry journey. We are interconnected in relationship with churches and covenant partners across the country who want you and your congregation to flourish in order that God’s kingdom may be made known throughout our communities and the world.

We are so excited to have you join us in Dallas to catalyze and strengthen connections with friends, colleagues, and most importantly, the God who created you to love and serve Him. Whether your church is big or small, rural or urban, thriving or struggling, God is calling us all to flourish – and we were not created to do that on our own. We are created to be interconnected!

Here are some highlights from last year’s gathering: