On Monday, June 26, 7 people headed to Kenya for a multi-week mission trip. Check back here often for updates about their work in Kenya as we receive pictures, video, and stories!

Arriving in Kenya

Arriving in Kenya

“Arrived safe and sound. Today is a regroup day after the long trip. We’ll do some sight-seeing and start working at the church tomorrow.”

Day 1

Bead Factory

“This bead factory employs about 340 single mothers, who create beautiful jewelry that is sold worldwide.”

“These orphan baby elephants are cared for for at least 5 years as they are raised and prepared to renter the wild.”

Bob and Giraffe

Marian and Giraffe

Chris and Giraffe

“First time Bob, Marian, and Chris have petted and fed a giraffe!”

Day 2

Olosirkon Church

Olosirkon Church Interior

“Today we drove 1 1/4 hours to the Olosirkon Church. The congregation had been meeting in a very small metal church in disrepair. They had used up all their funds, so our funds were enough to finish this church that will seat 400.”



“It took us all morning to prime the sanctuary and two side rooms.”

Finish Painting

“We painted the finish coat in the afternoon. Delicious lunch with church leaders and members. Tomorrow we will clean and set up for the dedication on Sunday.”

Group Shot

Day 3

Girls Rescue Center

“We spent this morning in Masai land, visiting the girls rescue center that we helped build on previous trips. 75 young Masai girls currently live in 3 dorms, where they are cared for after escaping from being married off as pre-teens. They loved the dresses, tennis balls, school supplies, and sports equipment.”

Comet Boys Home 1

Comet Boys Home 2

“We returned to the Comet boys home for lunch and to take a tour, included seeing what our work will be on Monday and Tuesday. Lots of time was spent this evening sorting and designating all the rest of the donations that were given by the church, UE school, B&GC and other friends. Thank you!”

Old Kenya Church

“We spent part of the day cleaning the new church to get it ready for dedication Sunday. Then we had a worship service and communion in the old church next-door- the last time they will worship there.”

Kenya Church Kitchen

“This is the kitchen building at the church. In this simple room, the women will prepare a feast for 300 or more people on Sunday!”

Day 4

“Dear Friends,

Imagine the joy of the Olosirkon congregation today as we processed from the old mabati church to their new stone church. It took two years to complete; the church is beautiful with a ceramic tile floor, high curved altar, stained glass window on the back wall, two side rooms, and a handicap ramp at the front entrance. Friends came from the five other parish churches to share in the celebration, and the congregation swelled to 450 people. Our friend, Rev. Festus Gitonga, the Past Secretary General, officiated. The father of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa, the RT. Rev Jesse Kamau, preached the Word. Our US friends from FPC:Endicott NY assisted us in completing the church. They worked with church members to paint the entire church with two coats and prepare the church for the dedication.

Stuart Ross”

Church Dedication

Church Interior

Church Altar

Church Altar 2

Congregation Worshipping

Church Worshipping 2

Church Exiting

“The first worship service in the Olosirkon Church was a great celebration. The service began at 9:00 am and we finished at 12:30. A lunch followed, prepared for the ~450 people present.”

Day 5

Painting Boy's Home

“Great day today working at the boys home. Even they joined in the painting party.”

Masai Blankets

“Rachel and Rahab travelled 3 hours by public transportation to surprise us today with gifts of masai blankets for everyone.”

Day 6

“Lots more painting bright colors at Comet Boys Home today- their study room, main room, hall, dorm room, and doors.”

Main Room

Dorm Room

Study Room

Building Bookcases

“Art and Bob built a bookcase for the study room.”

Celebrating July 4

“Our evening meal ended with a delightful surprise – a huge July 4 cake made by our cook, Olive. Desserts other than fruit are very rare, so this was a treat!”

Day 7

“How exciting to land in Masai Mara and see that the migration of the wildebeests has begun! 2,000,000 wildebeests are flooding into the Mara from Tanzania. We have never been here at this time of year to see the migration.”

“A pride of 19 lions!”

“A welcome dance by the Masai.”

Day 8


“Sunrise on the Mara.”

Animals 2

“Breakfast in the Mara.”


“Lions and hippos and cheetahs- oh, my!”

Animals 3

“Look closely for the crocs. Still hoping to see the leopard and rhino tomorrow!”