On Saturday, April 30, 30+ elders and ministers from area ECO churches gathered at FPC:E for an opportunity to live into the purpose of Mission Affinity Groups (MAGs). We spent time in fellowship, worship, prayer, equipping/training, and celebrating how God is at work in and through our congregations. Each Session also set at least one measurable goal, and shared it with the those gathered so we might encourage and hold one other accountable.


What Is A MAG?

As a way to connect, care for, and provide accountability for churches and leaders, every ECO congregation is required to be in a Mission Affinity Group (MAG). A congregation will also be a part of a Mission Affinity Group in order to spur one another on toward love and good deeds (Heb. 10:24). These MAGs will consist of congregations organized around similar ministry settings and contexts. These contexts may include but are not limited to: size, geographical location, cultural or demographic similarities, or future ministry goals.