Plan your Visit

New Here?  We think that everyone deserves a place to belong. And of all the places you could go to belong, we firmly believe that you belong here- in community; in relationship with God and with a church family. We would love to meet you and welcome you into ours.

Below you will find out some info to help you plan your first visit.  We know that walking into a new place for the first time can be a little weird, so let us give you some info that we hope will make your visit a great experience.


Where Are We?

Living Hope Church is easy to find, but parking and entrances can be confusing.
We have two main parking lots: one off Monroe St. and a second that you enter from Grant Ave.

Monroe St.

The Monroe St. lot is the larger lot, located on the corner of Monroe and McKinley. If you are arriving to the church from the highway, take a left at the first light (corner of Monroe and McKinley) and then take an immediate right into our parking lot. If you park here, you will need to go around the building to the main entrance on Grant Ave.

Grant Ave.

The Grant Ave. lot is located right beside our main entrance doors. If you are arriving to the church from the highway, take a left at the first light (corner of Monroe and McKinley), turn right onto Grant Avenue, go just past the church, and take a right into the parking lot. If you park here, follow the sidewalk back to the front of the building you passed and enter through the glass double doors. You will be entering the gathering area just outside of our sanctuary.

Children and Youth

Got Kids?

Our mission is to teach kids that being a Christian is an important part of their everyday life and to share their faith with others. Our children’s ministry program is known as Hope | Kids. Every Sunday morning our children check-in in our gathering area before 9:30am and go to the sanctuary to begin worship with the congregation.  The children are dismissed from the sanctuary during the first portion of the service to their teachers and go directly to their small group classrooms. All teachers and helpers are background checked.

At 10:30-11:00, all of the classrooms meet in our newly revamped Rec. Room. We call this large group time Hope | Kids Club.  Our parents are encouraged to come down after service and see what their children are learning about our incredible God. Children are released to their parents from this space when we are done.

Next Worship Service









Check Out a Service 

We livestream and record our service on Youtube, Facebook, and our website each week.  We have a great media team of volunteers that allows you to get a really good idea of what the worship experience will be like.

The Basics

A Little More Detail


When to Arrive

Our Connections Team goes live at about 9:25am and the service starts at 9:30am, so it is helpful to arrive a few minutes early so you can get your bearings and find a seat.

What to Wear

At Living Hope you will find people wearing a wide variety of clothes. Seriously, just come in what is comfortable to you! We have everything from suits to shorts here.

The Welcome Center

There is a welcome center in the gathering area, where you can ask questions, leave your contact information, and receive a gift as a first-time visitor. Our hope is that we might be able to connect with you after your visit, so that we can build real relationship!


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